Living and Coping with Cancer…. Help & Support Through Letters from a Friend

I am writing on behalf of my father who’s health has deteriorated quite significantly since his last post hence the lengthy gap between then and now.  Unfortunately his health is such that he has great difficulty in seeing and writing and therefore is unable to upload any further posts which is why I am writing on his behalf.

Although now in frail health he I and have managed to publish his book titled ‘Living & Coping with Cancer…..Help and Support through Letters from a Friend’ on which many of his blogs were based.

His book is currently in ebook format and can be downloaded via Amazon and Kindle and we plan to publish a paperback version by the end of November this year.

Thank you for your interest in my father’s blogs, he sincerely hopes you have gained value and benefit.  We hope his book will also be of help and value to you and he sends his best wishes to you all.

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