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Living Through…..

If you find yourself faced with a life impacting challenge, this short video may stimulate some thoughts on how to go forward. Have a watch from here

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A symbol of hope

This picture, taken the other evening in my back garden, brought these words to my mind, which for me are a reflection of my father, and what his blogs have provided.

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A Posthumous thought!

What’s in a word? Quite a lot as it happens, especially when it comes to the word ‘terminal’. What brings me to write this, you may ask? And for those of you re-visiting this website or if you are visiting … Continue reading

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The End of an Era

Dear Reader, We are writing to inform you of the recent passing of our father Dr Sidney Bindemann.  As a founding figure and a trail-blazer in the field of psycho-oncology, the provision of psychosocial care for cancer patients as well … Continue reading

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Living and Coping with Cancer…. Help & Support Through Letters from a Friend

I am writing on behalf of my father who’s health has deteriorated quite significantly since his last post hence the lengthy gap between then and now.  Unfortunately his health is such that he has great difficulty in seeing and writing … Continue reading

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As readers of my blogs will realise, I have because of a lengthy and serious illness been unable to maintain contact with you as I formerly did. I now no longer live alone, but am resident in a care home. Nevertheless, I want to maintain contact with you through my blogs as long as is humanly possible. I send to you my warmest best wishes and hope you will understand.

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Administrative note.

For some time now, blogs have not been posted under the title, “Elements of coping” . This has been and is due to prolonged illness in the author. (now in his ‘mid-eighties’). Blogs under other headings will continue meantime to be posted, … Continue reading

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“Touch: simple physical act or healing art?” (Cont’d from prev)..)

As by now you will be aware, almost the entire ‘thrust’ of each blog contained in this compendium has focused around or upon an application of therapeutic methods of psychosocial support. In the main however, I have confined such descriptive … Continue reading

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What’s more, it’s “Two for the ‘price’ of one…”(Cont’d from previous…).

I was only fifteen years of age when I first came across a natural phenomenon in the West of Scotland known as “The Electric Brae”. It lay some 40 miles or so away from our home in those days and … Continue reading

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Our ‘on-board’ Pharmacy Store. (Cont’d from previous blog).

My aim here – pure and simple – is to further extend and expand upon this brief but – as experience has again and again led me to see – potentially useful discussion on what, in any account or consideration … Continue reading

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