Coping with Anxiety iii: Anxiety state and Panick Attacks.

I want to take a moment or so at the very outset of this blog, to reinforce an earlier assurance given: namely that there truly is – certainly in the vast majority of instances – an effective and productive way forward for you to take, through even the most anxious of times and experiences. Dependant upon the nature of thos circumstances and concerns entailed, it is almost certainly going to take time and in some instances perhaps even a call upon professional and more directly accessible counsel, guidance and support. Needless to say, this, where it is required, goes well beyond anything that I am able to offer via this medium. Nevertheless, there is much by way of a more general assistance that I may be able to afford. Indeed, it is to the achievement of this very end that I have dedicated myself and my energies in preparing and presenting this compendium of blogs for your information, encouragement and support. Remember too that this website is dedicated to the provision of a service for those suffering from a serious and life-changing illness. There is nothing abnormal about anxiety-driven responses to such life threatening events. Indeed, nothing could be more prdictable in the vast number of such cases. Reassuringly, I am able to tell you, from a fairly extensive experience; there is much that can, and hopefully will be achieved, in order, as desired and necessary, to improve the quality of life that you are currently experiencing.

Do you remember that old saying; “Rome wasn’t built in a day”? Well that being so, it was actually built and still proudly stands as evidence of that fact. By reading and assimilating (all in your own time and pace, of course), the contents of and the spirit in which each blog has been thought out and written, you will be best placed to successfully apply the simple but effective strategies which I plan to provide in these and future postings. So please don’t lose heart. Do remember that one does not have to know an individual personally, in order to wish them well; care about their welfare and well being. Whatever your need at this present time, others have been there before and many have won through. Please believe me when I ‘say’ that we all have inner resources, which can be mobilized to our lasting.advantage.

Of course, we need to acknowledge and respond to the truth; namely that fear and dread of something so objectively and measurably real as, let us say, the impact of serious illness; the loss of someone or something who or which has, perhaps for years, been so meaningful and precious. Perhaps it was a dear one; or their good health that was/is at issue. On the other hand, it may have been the loss of one’s job or of one’s home due to debt or whatever. I personally, learned many years ago not to say to others, however well I may believe I know them; “I know how you feel”. How can I; even more so when we have never ever even met? But I do ask you to believe that my writing to you in this manner, whoever you are; whatever your ‘culture or creed’, does mean that someone is caring; and sometimes, just that knowledge alone, can be enough to tip the balance in a more favourable direction.

I have already expressed the opinion in this and an earlier blog that up to a point, an anxious response to certain given events or happenings in life is natural, normal and indeed predictable; and acceptance of that fact is nothing short of being an essential prerequisite to genuine success in daily living. On the other hand, it also happens to be the case and a well known fact that some individuals can and do become deeply troubled by reoccurring thoughts about those concerns already touched upon in the above, as well as by other events and happenings which, in reality, are little more than extremely remote and unlikely possibilities. Now this is something which we now need also to examine a little more closely, since it not infrequently forms at least part of the basis for what are generally referred to as “panic attacks”. I hope and intend to examine this concept in my next blog, as together we shall attempt to take account of and understand more about their origins, impact and effective management.

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