Having now ‘written out’ this correspondence in blog form, I cannot resist the feeling that the entire series requires one final and in its way, definitive word in order to draw together and ‘catalyse’ the contents of these postings, as well as to define and clarify the spirit in which I have ‘penned’ each and every one of them.

The strange and wholly unexpected experience that I am about to relate, occurred several years ago now. Often have I mused about and reflected upon it. Why did it happen in the manner in which it did?   Was it, in a strange but wonderful way, simply meant to be; in later years to perhaps provide yet deeper meaning whereby these letters might be drawn to their natural conclusion? Who knows? What I can tell you is that for some time now I have strenuously resisted the growing conviction that I should include it here. Yet why should this be so? Again, I cannot answer the question in any coherent way. At length I have decided to relate it quite simply as it occurred. Thereafter I shall be perfectly content to leave it entirely up to you to make of it what you will., (C) SB.

(be sure not to miss what is to follow)

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