Living and Coping with Cancer…. Help & Support Through Letters from a Friend

I am writing on behalf of my father who’s health has deteriorated quite significantly since his last post hence the lengthy gap between then and now.  Unfortunately his health is such that he has great difficulty in seeing and writing and therefore is unable to upload any further posts which is why I am writing on his behalf.

Although now in frail health he I and have managed to publish his book titled ‘Living & Coping with Cancer…..Help and Support through Letters from a Friend’ on which many of his blogs were based.

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His book is currently in ebook format and can be purchased and downloaded via Amazon and Kindle and we plan to publish a paperback version by the end of November this year.

Here is one person’s thoughts on the book:

Living and Coping with Cancer –  ‘Letters from a friend’

Sometimes life takes ‘interesting’ paths, not ones we would perhaps choose but ones which lead us to people and places beyond our normal reach.

One such person to me is Dr Sidney Bindemann, though here I may lose you slightly because we have never met in person or spoken to each other, nor does he have any clue who I am and yet he wrote to me ‘his friend’ 52 letters.

He didn’t of course write directly to me, but he did write ‘Living and Coping with Cancer’ “Letters from a Friend”. From the first moment of reading his foreword of ‘to whom it may concern’ I believed him when he suggested he would be my friend on whom I could rely.

In life generally, we need an ally (or two)and never more than when faced with life’s traumas. Dr Bindemann became my ally and all the thoughts and feelings that had threatened to overwhelm me were all there in this beautifully thought out, heartfelt but down to earth book. As if he knew himself the madness of diagnosis, and perhaps he did.

This book should be in every doctor’s office, every hospice, every therapist’s room etc but above all should be on everyone’s bookshelf and available to anyone facing, living through or remembering their trauma.

Although his journey ended as mine was beginning, somehow we travelled and are travelling together. A travelling companion, an ally, a beautiful person with an ability to recognise that beauty in others and treat people as humans. This book is coal face caring at it’s very best.

Angela Lockett
Living with and through a Brain Tumour.

Thank you for your interest in my father’s blogs, he sincerely hopes you have gained value and benefit.  We hope his book will also be of help and value to you and he sends his best wishes to you all.

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