A Beautiful Mind

I’m sharing the following post, which I recently shared with a community of people on Facebook, and like my father who set up this website did, in an attempt to express some thoughts that may be of use and help to others.

I also share my thoughts to find and connect with other like minded people. I don’t know about you but I get a feeling of excitement when I connect with a person who I discover has similar thoughts and ideas. 

It’s amazing how lived experiences can transform people. Just ask the wonderful Oscarin Ortega. His work and organisation is truly inspiring and I feel privileged to have just connected with him. 

My lived experience has taught me many things including, that the sharing of thoughts and ideas are an opportunity for collaboration. If both parties share the same frame of mind, as opposed to being competitive, then 1+1 = 2 and in some case it could be 3! But if they don’t then you have 1-1 situation, and you end up with a potential situation where it can do harm to each other, plus the people you wish to support or help receive nothing, or perhaps confusion. 

A Beautiful Mind

So here’s the post:

It’s been many years since I first watched this film. Something inside me lead me to want to watch it again, which I did last night. 

Having had a lived experience that has transformed my life, I watched it with a heighten sense of awareness and a ‘renewed set of lenses’. I also went into the film with a much fuller appreciation and understanding of the role of bodymind balance in the creation of our ‘reality’.

I’ve never reacted so emotionally to a film as I did last night when it ended. Part of the reason I believe is because of the fuller understanding I have gained of trauma, and some of that knowledge comes from ‘The Wisdom of Trauma Film’, along with other work including learning about Alfred Adler and the significance of how parents engage with their children to support their social and emotional interest and development. 

Last night as the film finished I also went to bed realising the true beauty of love; what it really means and how it can prevent trauma from destroying a union between people. 

I now know why I reacted so emotionally to the film: my wife came down too join me as the film came to an end and she means everything. She is my ‘reality.’ ❤️

By way of a PS: If anyone reading this happens to be connected to the agents for Russell Crowe, I would love to hold a conversation with him and explore his thoughts on this. Please do get in touch, via info@innervate.co.uk

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